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What a proper NHS manager looks like

People working in the NHS can be pretty cynical and bitter and I certainly have some major gripes about how I've been treated by management but in a spirit of fairness I think it's only right to post the email we got at the end of the year from our service director. It's practically a model for the kind of communication a manager should be sending to staff. It's about providing a high quality, compassionate and efficient service and you'll see buried in the middle there that they've been making economies in management and not in frontline services. So if you're working in the NHS and you didn't get a thank you email from your manager please feel free to show them this. Anyway, here is the email in full. It went round to everybody in the Tower Hamlets Adult Mental Health Directorate from the service director, Paul James. Dear colleagues Can I take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has worked for the Tower Hamlets Adult Directorate over